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Best Payment Processing Solutions for Technical Support Reseller Accounts:

Affordable Credit Card and ACH Payment Options with Lot Payments.

Finding the best payment processing solutions can be difficult for technical support businesses operating internationally.

Whether you offer remote technical support assistance or in-house computer services, lotpayments provides customizable technical support reseller accounts. With lotpayments, you will be connected to a wide network of domestic, offshore and international receiving banks that can approve you regardless of your geographic location.

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Our technical support reseller account managers are available for free consultation by clicking the "Apply Now" button above, or by talking directly to a seller account manager on +44 1133280332 or by selecting the live chat option for instant support.

Payment Processing For Tech Support

Chargebacks and friendly fraud are common in certain industries, and tech support is one of them. Often times, a tech support vendor is consulted for their solutions, but then faced with a refund, the consumer claims the opposite.

Recently, lotpayments has partnered with a new, robust payment processing solution for high-risk traders that has low payback rates and can be effective in increasing sales. The solution allows technical support customers to pay for services using a gift card (Target, Walmart, Amazon, or Apple Store). The solution is as follows:

  • The tech support vendor places our partner's widget as an option on the checkout page.
  • When the customer is ready to pay, he clicks on the widget and is directed to buy a gift card from any of the providers above.
  • The technical support customer purchases the required amount of gift cards and enters the payment via the widget by entering the card number and PIN.
  • The seller can receive payments in cryptocurrency or ACH.
  • For industries suffering from high repayment rates, our gift card payment solution is ideal.

Tech Support Merchant Account Timetable

Approval times for Technical Support reseller accounts vary for each type of solution lotpayments offers:

  • Offshore Tech Support vendor account with payment processing history: 5 business days to 2 weeks
  • Offshore startup Technical Support vendor account: 5 business days to 2 weeks
  • Domestic Technical Support vendor account: 2 weeks
  • Technical Support virtual control solution: 2-3 working days

How Do I Get A Tech Support Merchant Account?

Lot Payments offers a large number of payment processing solutions for technical support vendors, divided into four categories:

Offshore Tech Support Merchant Accounts (with payment processing history):

  • 3-6 monthly payment processing statements with company name showing refunds, refunds, returns and total sales.
  • 3 month business banking statements
  • Approvals: 5 business days to two weeks

Offshore Startup Tech Support Merchant Accounts

  • Business bank letter or 3-month commercial bank statement
  • 3-month personal bank statement, if no commercial bank statement
  • Approvals: 5 business days to two weeks

Domestic Technical Support Vendor Accounts

  • Application
  • Owner's ID
  • Canceled check or commercial bank letter
  • 3-month commercial banking statements showing company name, refunds, refunds, returns and total sales
  • Foundation documents
  • Approvals: up to two weeks

Virtual Control Solutions for Technical Support vendors

  • Application
  • Owner's ID
  • Canceled check or commercial bank letter
  • Main contract
  • Approvals: 2-3 business days

Why Is Tech Support Considered High Risk?

Remote tech support is considered a high risk industry for several reasons:

Remote technical support takes care of cardless transactions. In other words, the customer's credit card is not available at the seller's point of sale.

Refunds are unfortunately common in PC tech support when a customer objects to the payment with their credit card company and they get their money back.

Technical support companies often work in different locations from their customers around the world.

Chargeback Prevention For Tech Support Merchants

Unfortunately, refunds and friendly fraud are common in the remote tech industry. Refund prevention has been even more vital since January 1, 2016, when Visa announced that it lowered the refund threshold to 1 percent of sales or 100 percent per month (from 2/200 percent per month).

How do I avoid refunds?

Have a clear invoice identifier with your company name and contact number. Most refunds are the result of consumers not recognizing or remembering a purchase on their credit card statements.

Communication: Use automated email receipts upon completion of a transaction.

Offer a refund to the customer in case of a dispute. The refund is ALWAYS better than a refund.

If you're a tech support vendor dealing with high refunds, consider taking advantage of ACH payment processing or other check solutions for your business.

ACH Payment Solutions for Technical Support Vendors

The best tech support vendor account providers offer more than credit card processing and refund reduction. lotpayments offers ACH payment solutions, a type of safety net, to help tech support merchants who suffer from high payback rates stay in business. must be placed on the same day.

Virtual Terminal for Technical Support Vendors

Getting the right, virtual terminal increases your risk factor. However, for some businesses, running a profitable call center is a must. To qualify for online computer services, we can provide a virtual terminal integrated into your payment gateway through your buyer banking partner.

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