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Online gamers value the speed and easiness of paying with local payment methods and e-Wallets, which may vary significantly from region to region.

If you operate a gaming business, you must know the importance of a fast, easy, secure, and affordable payment solution that seamlessly integrates with whichever platform your customers are using.

The gaming business merchants are considered as high risk merchant accounts because they have a high volume turnover which is seen a risk factor by banks and merchant account providers who are giving them a credit line. Also, the gaming businesses are based offshore and there have been instances of money laundering and fraud making it a high-risk business.

We Offer Best Service

  • Quick Approval
  • Secure payment processing solutions
  • Understanding your unique business requirements
  • On-time payouts
  • Services offered at fair rates

We Offer Best Service

We offer best prices for the best services. We are well aware of the importance of your casino business that is why we offer the high-risk offshore casino merchant account.

  • We mitigate risk with gaming solutions that improve security, protect against fraud, and reduce chargebacks.
  • An online and mobile payment alternative to cards and checks, Lot Payments allows your customers to pay or get paid by using the information they wish
  • Our system is cost-effective and we care real-time processing solutions. We simplify and optimize your payroll processes.
  • Services like online reporting for casino merchant account holders will enable you to view transaction reports online
  • Our merchant account is automated and manual review to determine the status of suspicious transactions

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