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lot payments

Lot Payments offers high-risk payment solutions for a wide range of businesses at competitive prices and with multiple layers of security.

We are dedicated to providing transparency and service to the high-risk payment processing sector, promising businesses with the most competitive deals tailored to client's needs. You will find these solutions in integrated packages that perfectly adjust to your company payment requirements.

Why we lead the sector?

  • Fast and Professional: Lot Payments is a professional payments company. As the world’s digital demand continues to climb, we provide one of the best payment technologies today. Along with fast and secure IBAN and SWIFT banking solutions, we want to acknowledge that we will answer your specific questions and advise you personally.
  • Global Vision: We have operations in many countries across Europe. Take advantage of our many years of expertise and find the best practice service solution for your business! We continue to grow. We can assure you that a customer’s business can process credit card payments with a high-risk merchant account.
  • Efficient Team: We have a strong team that fully trusts achieving the mission of Lot Payments. As a customer, you will enjoy our flexibility, speed, and unique market insight. Lot Payments help you select and integrate modern best-practice service solutions in your individual business environment. As a leading customer service, our team will respond your requests whenever you need them, 24/7.

The payments sector is going through major and rapid structural changes, particularly as it relates to eCommerce. Technology is also changing how customers shop and pay for goods. Through these changes, our main goal is to protect our clients from fraudulent services and offer them the solutions that mainstream banks refuse to provide.

At Lot Payments, we add our technical skills to our simple, straightforward approach

Lot Payments has been supporting banks across all banking sectors with payment solutions to assist you in creating your high-risk merchant account. We are doing our best to reduce both the cost and time involved in rolling out changes in response to changing regulations or the evolving competitive landscape.

What We Offer


We offer an innovative Forex payment gateway and provide Forex Merchant Account that enables tools to transform, and grow, your online business globally.


Lot Payments is truly confident in both online gaming merchant accounts and online gaming payment gateways, providing the best gaming merchant account in the industry.

Digital Coins

Lot Payments allow cryptocurrency exchanges and traders to accept payments on their websites through credit and debit cards.

Adult Content

Lot Payments definitely has a solution for you no matter what form of entertainment your business offers. We can make adult content merchants to accept online payments.