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Moving Company Merchant Accounts: Credit Card Transactions for Movers

Find Quick Solutions for Your Moving Service

People usually don't want to deal with constant lifting and handling when they move. Many prefer to hire professionals when it comes to loading and unloading their belongings, especially for long distance movements. If you own a moving company or service, you can attract more customers by offering payment processing solutions for credit cards.

Lot Payments' mobile business merchant accounts are a simple and fast solution for anyone searching out to take their business from scratch.

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It's easy to start the vendor account application process. You just have to provide some details about your business and our seller account managers will immediately start looking for a solution for you. Just click the button above to start your application or contact us to speak to a live representative.

Domestic and Offshore Solutions

Lot Payments Works both with local and overseas receiving banks to provide mobile companies with the best credit card processing capabilities available. When you apply for a seller account, one of our seller account managers will analyze your qualifications and match you with the best buyer possible.

Real Time Processing

Lot Payments merchant accounts can come with real time trading capabilities. This means that when a customer pays for your service, the charges are automatically applied. Although it will still take time for the money to appear in your account, the customer will be charged immediately upon authentication.

Startups, New Businesses Welcome!

We try to work with as many sellers as we can at Lot Payments. However, we do not close the door to startups just because they are new businesses. Working with a wide variety of local and overseas banking partners, we provide you with the opportunity to find a bank that embraces startups like us. Qualified sellers may not even need to have transaction history to be approved. If you have questions about your starting carrier, simply contact a representative to explore your options.

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