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Lot Payments has adopted the most secure and reliable environment, Crypto Processing Gateways

Banks, governments and many companies recognize their importance, although it is still a bit of a "nerd" and is not well understood.

Let Lot Payments support your business by offering purchasing and banking services. We have solutions that support payments inside and outside the crypto exchange.

At Lot Payments, we strongly believe in providing a payment basis that allows our customers to take advantage of cryptocurrencies that increase consumer demand.

Developing Business with Crypto Currency

With our award-winning tool, Processing Partners offer your business the opportunity to accept digital currencies through online, mobile, e-invoice or POS payment.

Bitcoin technology is the first successful 100% digital payment method - every transaction starts and ends online. Bitcoin processing offers new types of customers:

  • Generation Z - Post Millennials
  • YUPIDS - Young, Urban, Professional,
  • Intellectual and Digital Natives
  • Millions of Users in Asia
  • Multinational Companies in Developing Countries

Bitcoin Customers also tend to spend more, demand less returns and also become loyal customers.

Benefits of Crypto Payments

  • No bitcoin currency risk
  • Instant payment experience
  • Getting settlements in legal tender
  • Low transaction fees
  • Price in any currency
  • Incoming payments and real-time payments
  • Instant payment exchange for e-commerce
  • Fast and easy with highly secure API technology and integration
  • Patent pending dynamic delivery authorization system
  • State-of-the-art application development designed to fit your needs
  • Fair value conversion rate combining market depth from multiple exchanges
  • Geo targeting
  • Advanced refund process
  • Automatic payments in real time
  • Customizable legal settings
  • AML / KYC only if thresholds are met
  • Affiliate tools and Revenue sharing programs


Fees around 1%. Significant Savings.


No Chargebacks. No Fraud.


Be paid in EUR. Better Cash Flow.

APPLY NOW to let us provide you the financial assistance your company and brand needs