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3d secure processing


Highest Security in the Card Industry's Processing Environment

3D Safe Processing: One Step Ahead in Fraud Protection

Protecting Your Transactions with Latest Technology

Originally designed and developed by Visa, 3D Secure processing is an XML-based protocol that adds another step to validating online debit and credit card transactions. Since the creation of Verified by Visa, other credit card organizations have adopted similar protocols. Lot Payments assists you in using the following card brands for all your 3d Secure sales transactions:

  • Verified by Visa
  • MasterCard SecureCode
  • American Express SafeKey
  • JCB International J / Secure

3D Secure Processing? What Is That?

3D Secure processing, which is short for Three Domain Models, consists of three areas:

§ Buyer Domain: Seller and buyer bank
§ Issuing Domain: The bank that issued the credit card
§ Interoperability Domain: Allows the Recipient Domain and Regulatory Domain to communicate and authenticate with each other.

Although the steps are simple and takes no time to complete, 3D Secure processing will reassure your customers that they can shop safely from your online store. It works like this:

  • A customer makes a purchase of goods or services through your online store using their Visa credit card.
  • The Visa Contacts server receives a verification request from your server for their specific credit card number.
  • Visa Directory verifies the card number and routes the authentication request to the Issuer access control server (ACS).
  • When ACS verifies the credit card number, it will send you a message to let you know if payment verification is available for the request.

As another layer of security to fight fraud, the credit card provider stores all authentication requests on the Authentication History Server in case of a refund or refund.

3D Secure Processing With Us is Easy!

One of the top priorities of Lot Payments is to help our sellers reduce the risk of fraudulent card usage. That's why we work with banks that can integrate the process into 3D Secure processing through our PCI compliant payment gateway. For traders looking to trade using 3D Secure, be sure to specifically request a 3D Secure reseller account.

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