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Low Risk Processing

5 Features of a Low Risk Seller Account

In the payment processing world, there are three types of traders: low risk traders, medium risk traders and high risk traders. The level of risk is driven by several variables: industry type, transaction history, country of establishment, and more. For low risk seller accounts, your business will need to meet the following statement:

  • You trade under $ 20,000 each month
  • Your regular ticket size is under $ 50
  • Zero / low chargeback rate
  • You are operating in a low risk industry
  • You are located in a low risk country

We offer real time trading opportunity for Lot Payments

At Lot Payments, we offer you the opportunity to process payments in real time, securely and efficiently via SSL and PCI compliant Gateway, and WooCommerce, Plugins and API coordination with your E-commerce website so you can start accepting payments effectively through your website.

Whether you have a restaurant, retail store, or E-commerce site, lower fees and increased revenues can potentially make a big difference to your net profit. It can even create the difference between profit and loss.

Low-Risk merchant accounts are often similar in nature and Businesses with recurring Billing Cycles offer a range of features such as Credit / Debit Card, ACH and eCheck payment services 24 hour Customer Support Advanced Online security measures Monitoring Services Offshore, Onshore and International Accounts

To obtain a High Risk Merchant Account, Moderate Risk Merchant Account or Low Risk Merchant Account, you will need to fill out the form and required documents. After that, you will be provided with a Reseller account that best suits the nature and needs of your business, in line with the information you provide us.

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