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Compatibility and Requirements:

  • Please provide complete and non-expiring login information for all relevant websites you submit
  • Place the EU company name and registered address on the sites, it must be on the home page, contact us page, checkout page and terms and conditions
  • Clearly show their toll-free customer support numbers. Note: Each website must have a different non-consecutive phone number.
  • Alongside of a customer support telephone number and postal address, sites must have a contact e-mail address.
  • Please list your Terms and Conditions on the site and include the following information:
    • Jurisdiction (must match the country of establishment of the EU)
    • Billing model and cancellation / refund policy should be clearly explained
  • The privacy policy should include the following statement and all overlapping parts should be removed: "No personal information will be shared with third parties without the customer's consent."
  • For data security, the payment page must be encrypted with SSL.
  • Complete identifying information (including customer support phone number) to be displayed on the checkout page. For example: "Charges will appear as the identifier" 800-123-4567 "on your statement.
  • VISA and MC logos should be displayed on homepage and checkout page.
  • Clearly specify the total fee on the payment page where the credit card details are entered. For recurring payments, please include a short billing model description just above the "Submit" button. The quotation description must include:
    • Purchased product / service
    • Estimated delivery time
    • Duration of research, if any
    • First payment amount
    • Next payment amount
    • The exact timing of the fees
      • Below is an example of an acceptable offer description: “For the 14-day trial, you will be charged $ 3.95 today for shipping and handling of the product name. If the order is not canceled before the end of the trial period, you will be charged $ 39.95 on day 15, and the $ 39.95 charge will be repeated monthly until canceled. Please expect delivery within 3-5 business days. "
  • Cross-selling and deactivation will not be allowed. There is a one-time top sale purchase limit per website, and the terms of the offer must be specified on the checkout page.


Each identifier can have up to 31 characters, iall spaces, dots, lines, and the toll-free phone number included. For example, "My product name is +(382) 6708 4511."


Businesses that are considered high risk have to know who the right payment processors are, and those high risk merchant account providers that are willing to meet your business needs and provide you with stable credit card processing A high risk merchant account is a payment processing account for merchants that are classified in a high risk services or products category by acquiring banks and the credit card brands.

The Lot Payments Team can get you approved today for low to high-risk merchant accounts for B2B, eCommerce, or Retail at reduced rates and fees.