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Health & Beauty Merchant Account

Health and Beauty Merchant Accounts: Credit Card Processing Services will help you get started

Whether a startup or a century-old business, everyone today needs to have a presence on the world wide web. Nowadays, people do not have the time or patience to deal with cumbersome payment processing procedures; They want everything to be fast, efficient and smooth. Products such as Anti-Aging creams, Energy Boosters, Skin Care Products, Vitamins and Supplements can all be classified by banks as High Risk Vendors.

In business, being truly successful requires considerable attention and planning. It can be even more difficult to get off the ground for some industries, particularly Health & Beauty companies. This is the result of the challenges and hurdles of running a successful business, while at the same time gaining satisfied customers while maintaining full compliance with industry laws and regulations. The Health & Beauty business often relies on the ability to receive credit card payments from customers as a form of payment. To ensure the growth of your business and to provide the services that customers need without delay; Health and Beauty needs a solution for online credit card processing on their website.

The risk level of beauty products

Before opening a merchant account, you should know that not all businesses are treated equally. Normally they are divided into 3 categories as low risk, medium risk and high risk business depending on the industry, geographic location and business volume. Beauty products include shampoos, soaps, cosmetics, body lotions, and everything else needed for skincare, where risk is medium and volumes are high.

Why Do I Need a High Risk Health and Beauty Merchant Account for My Business?

The main reason health and beauty companies are considered high risk is the number of chargebacks made in this industry. Let's understand why health and beauty vendor accounts receive a lot of chargebacks…


Health and beauty businesses, especially eCommerce or online stores, assume that all their customers will be satisfied by offering a good product at a reasonable cost and standing out on all its terms. This is until the chargebacks begin.

Experienced health and beauty businesses know the number of chargeback management tools available and use them easily. However, it is not that easy to manage chargebacks, nor is it something many companies do on the go.

Some health and beauty businesses claim or imply amazing results for their products, and when the product doesn't work as advertised, it makes the consumer feel scammed. Also, as many health and beauty merchant accounts have smaller businesses, there is often no strong customer service call center set up to deal with angry and unhappy customers - and the more angry and unhappy with their customers become - the more affected they are. by unnecessary chargebacks.


As a health and beauty professional, you know how important it is to make profit. Online beauty retailers have wide range of products from skincare solutions, hair care solutions, diet pills, muscle builders, and everything in between. However, most of these retailers fall into the "high risk" category.

This is where we come in. Lot Payments can help you unlock additional profits by providing tools to increase your sales through our seller account services. Driving traffic online to your business is one thing, but providing your customers with a secure portal to pay for Internet-specific products and services is quite another. We'll help you create an efficient and convenient seller account solution tailored to fit your business perfectly.

Lot Payments, by contrast, prides itself on serving the skin and hair care industry. Our extensive relationships with credit card processors and banks that specialize in mediating businesses perceived as "high risk" allow us to confidently support this business type.

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