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Simplify Your Life With Lot Payments

Lot Payments is the most secure revenue collection solutions provider of our age, custom developed for your large scale business with processes involving credit card payments. We offer technological and financial solutions for companies, allowing acceptance of payments for your services or products from anywhere in the world.

High risk business accounts provide the type of service that allows businesses to receive card payments from their customers.Credit card processors divide sellers into two categories based on a variety of factors: high risk or low (normal) risk).

Businesses can be regarded as high risk traders by credit card operating firms if they operate in high risk fields or their business model is naturally in a financial drawback risk.

Lot Payments will make your life easier as we help you out with your daily business management tasks, adhering to the policy with your general view in tact, and every necessity that will come with seller agreements on credit card payment systems.

Whether your need be an international payment network, an international trading account or a high risk payment solution for your newly set up business, Lot Payments functions as a payment service provider.

Our gateway promises an omnichannel transaction process with access to a range of payment systems, as well as enhanced security measures and comprehensive risk management, through a single, unified integration.

What we do

IBAN Accounts

Accounts are provided directly, with no mediators. Acquire our full assistance in opening your IBAN account in your most preferred location.


You may want to sell a product in a specific currency With crypto-processing, all costly chargebacks will totally disappear.

Payment Security

Lot Payment's risk management system merges a flexible system of rules and settings to analyse transactions in real time, while blocking fraudulent activity.

Merchant Accounts

Connect your business to a qualified merchant account provider without travelling anywhere.

Truly Global

We provide internet acquiring services to merchants all around the world, making them to accept card payments from users all over the world in any currency.

Minimising Risks

We use technologies that fully comply with modern internet payment security requirements and combat of fraudulent operations.

Advantages of Credit Card Processing Solutions

Avoid excess integration and operational costs

No Intermediaries

Full Customisation

Individual Account Manager

Popular payment gateway for fast and easy transactions

Online International Payment Gateway

Our online payment gateway is an award-winning platform, tailored for PSP /ISO and merchants. We offer the optimal solution to keep costs low, reduce time to market, and increase payment success rates.

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